Remove drop-down menu so you can still use Command+K and Command+V to add a hyperlink

Using Command+K and then Command+V to easily paste a hyperlink onto selected text is common practice for web writing. With HubSpot's new process for adding hyperlinks, you have to manually select your option (such as "URL") from a drop-down menu before you can paste the URL. This adds an added layer of complication to something that used to be so easy. I suggest HubSpot remove this unnecessary drop-down menu.

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I agree with @sarahklongerbo on this point.


Earlier this year, before the new design rolled out to the link editor, adding hyperlinks was even faster. You could hit CMD+K and then CMD+V instantly, and the link would work.


Once the new design rolled out, something changed. It looked more or less the same, but the functionality was different. There was about a one second pause when entering links, which sometimes led to pasting the URL directly into some content. Gross. 


With the new design and dropdown menu mentioned above, we've taken a turn down a dark alleyway of usability. It's now extremely cumbersome to add links. What used to be instant now takes several clicks and more steps. It's an unnecessary piece of friction. Although I would like this to be changed, it's more important to understand how the user performs this action. As mentioned above, CMD+K is expected with web functionality these days. Most of us don't even think about it - we just expect it to work.

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Yes please!! Exactly what @dweiss said!

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Yes please!! Exactly what @dweiss said!

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Thank you! I so agree.

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