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Remove automatic association of contact to a company when the contact is created in a company

I love that when a new contact is created in Hubspot he is associated with a company (new or existing) via his domain name. But I would love to be able to create a contact in a specific company (Open a company - click on Add contact - New contact) without having Hubspot also associating it to the primary company based on the domain name.

I have clients with a lot of branches and we need to have each branch created as a separate company in Hubspot. When I need to add a new contact to a specific branch, it always modifies the primary company to put the one determined by Hubspot even tho I was in a specific company. The manipulation to correct this issue is not complicated, it's just time-consuming when you have to do it 10 to 20 times a day.

It would save a lot of time if, when created in a specific company, a contact would stay associated only with this company.

Here's a quick video of the issue and the workaround needed to correct it:

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YES please


Good idea!


that would be very nice


I agree!  This feature would be really useful.


I would agree with the time consumption...I spend hours per week re-assigning contacts, updating missing fields and communication not assoicated to records due to pre-determined selection process.