Remove - auto assign HubSpot when using email bcc

Hi HubSpot,


Over the last month we've been testing bulk emails and the bcc email logging option. This function is great when we want to track emails sent to our contacts and view it on the timeline of the contact.


However, when we sent a company bulk email and apply bcc option from an account managers (AM) name (HS user) to a bunch contacts. 


The AM is automatically assigned to the contact when there is no owner. In my opinion this undesireable behaviour. 


What is the thought behind it? Why would you auto assign an HS owner through the bcc feature to a contact which doesnt have an owner?


In my opinion this doesnt make sense and gives a distorted view.

Through the bcc email feature we justed wanted to log the emails in HS CRM and not auto assign an user.


Is there a workaround? How can we solve this?










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