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Remove a value from a multicheckbox property with a workflow

Hi there hubspotters - Multicheckbox properties are handy - you can add up to 1k values per contact!


If you set values with Workflows, you can only append or cleanse - would be great  to have the possibility to remove one tag from the property - e.g: you have "A" "B" "C" "D" you enroll the contat and remove only "C" - As a result you will have: "A" "B" "D"


Would be great having such possibility!


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Would like this too. 


I would love to be able to remove just one tag, besides appending and clearing all. It would be HUGE for us. 


Need this, too 🙂

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@ThorstenB @kbarry @LPage  let's share this with our colleagues and upvote it 🙂 We are using MCB properties extensively and this functionality would expand the spectrum of WFs usage in our companies. Contacts need to be tagged in a different way from different teams. For now, once you tag contacts there is no way back! You can only clean values manually or with a long manual export process.  


Great idea!!


Love it!




Actually this is one of our biggest needs here in the company, excellent idea!
We set values by WF but we cant remove them, it impact a lot in our processes!




Great idea!


Uooou! It's great Riccardo! 



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The great value of a multi checkbox property is that a contact can get multiple values at the same time: 1k values vs other properties that can hold 1 value at the time - Contacts into a company like the one I am working for need to be enriched with multiple info from different teams and for different purposes at different time. All these info are necessary to feed the complex # of processes we have put in place in years of automations.

All these bits of info cannot end up in a dedicated property every time, we would not have that amount of properties for that + these info expire within time! 
When I say info/tag I mean any information that can be used to characterize the contact and address it to lists, views, reports, WFs, etc. Contacts need to be tagged for different reasons and creating a property for each and every reason is not right/possible.
We have some multi checkbox properties called TAG SO, TAG CX, TAG LG (Sales Operations, Customer Experience, Lead Generation): these teams tags contacts for different reasons. 
E.G: take the property we have called Marketing action tag, you have there:
- ppl that participated to an offline event 
- some internal technical info: contact for which we changed emails 
- contacts then won awards
- contacts for which we performed some internal activities and need to be included/excluded from other frameworks 
As you can see, the reasons are multiple and this will help us:
- expand our WF capacity 
- increase the # of info simultaneously in a single property 
- decrease the # of properties 

And if a picture is worth 1000 words, here's a mock up!

Red = workflow property update enhancementRed = workflow property update enhancement


We'd love this feature as well. Our use-case here is having a 'roll-up' property that acts as a summary of the marketing content a contact is enrolled in. This makes much more sense in a single-property view so that our team can easily identify said content without cluttering up their properties.

For those with a more simple property setup (I recommend 3 or less values), a workaround is building a workflow which runs an if/then for each combination. The workflow could check to see which value needs to be cleared (via if/then), clear the value needing to be removed, then readding the other values that were previously set. Again, not a scalable solution for properties that have values or 4+ as that requires an if/then of 16+ options. 

Example: Contact has property set as 'A', 'B', and 'C'. Contact no longer meets 'B'. Workflow if/then shows 'A', 'B', and 'C' all exist and 'B' needs to be removed - clear the entire property, then set that property back to values 'A' and 'C'.


@tannerm123 we have this for small values as well, but when it comes to tag properties that include +10 values it's a nightmare to create a WF that goes through all possible combinations and unchecks only one of them. You can imagine that the number of branches is huge.

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Remove a value from a multicheckbox property with a workflow to the moon 🚀


Yes, this would be very handy. We're using a multicheckbox property for product type and would like to remove the product from the company record when a customer doesn't renew that property.



It will be super helpful to have this feature!


Same challenge for us. Need to clear a specific value from a multiple checkbox property. Right now it's only possible to replace och clear the entire property. 

Clear value in workflow, should work in the same way as the add value function. Choose property (multiple chechbox) and then choose value to clear. Simple!

HubSpot, please implement asap!!


2 years waiting for this feature and nothing happened...