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Remove Tier Limits for Partner Employees

As a HubSpot Partner, we're often charged with building out email templates, snippets, chat flows, deal pipelines, service pipelines, etc. as part of a client engagement.


Yet, unless, as a Partner Employee, we do not have proper "Seat" access to one of the paid plans, we are unable to execute these tasks on behalf of our clients.


This hinders our ability to deliver solid service and creates inefficiencies in our processes.


Please create a way for Partner Employees to bypass the "Seat" requirements to access certain features of paid Sales Hub and Service Hub plans. We're not the ones actually using these tools, but end up not being able to help our clients use them better because we don't have access without a paid seat.




EDIT: I know there's a form we can fill out to request access, but that's an unnecessary step. As Partners, it should come with the territory and be default for all partner employees on a client portal: paid seats are not required.

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Have you tried this? You can request access to your client's hub whitout taking their "seats"

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100% agree with this. Partners should have access to their clients' top-tier features, or we can't help them fully use those features. I often set up Sequences, etc for my clients and need to use their paid seats, which does not make sense.


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If this is possible its not logical thats its something we have to apply for, if we are a partner in a client portal being able to leverage all the tools for their set up is a given surely.  Having as a given permission would be great.

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I agree! Drives me nuts when I have to ask my client for their login info so I can build templates, snippets, and sales features!

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I know there is a form for this but I do agree, as a partner - if a client gives you access to their portal for services, they expect that you have access to work on their accounts without needing to go through an approval step. 

Some of my clients have asked why we need this step, i wonder if this is for compliance purposes and thats why you need the form?

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Hey folks!


Thanks for leaving your feedback on this thread. I've been in touch with our Product team, and they're currently exploring this feature to see if it's feasible. All future developments will be relayed through this thread, so stay tuned here.




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This would be really useful.


We're constantly juggling client licenses to make changes in client portals.



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This needs to be fixed. 

It is hopeless to ask client to verify if none of their sales staff have a sequence going or not before removing them from a seat and then assign it to me... and then reassign to client. 

And the request access form is a tedious and annoying layer.


It only shows that HubSpot have this feature ready but of any strange reason does not roll it out. 

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I am aware. But it is tedious and a step too much. We are after all talking
about customer experience - this is not a good one. 😅

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Thank you @AleTamayo – super useful.



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100% agree! And ... I'd love this to be part of a new role in addition to and above Super Admin. As in why is there not a HubSpot Partner/HubSpot Agency default role in the system that would allow us to have access to these tools without using a seat and NOT have access to change billing info (this has been a friction point from a few clients).