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Remove QUOTE expiration or leave it optional

The newest update requires an expiration date for a quote.  Please leave this as optional.

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I agree completely on this.  Make it optional or have an expiration date that is displayed but allow the recipient to open.  Maybe at a check box for if you want the user to be able to view after expiration date?  


We would like our customers to be able to open it up and review the details.  They can then reach out to see if it can be extended or if the pricing has to be revisited.  


I agree, please remove or leave optional, I am having many issued with clients because of this.


I agree please give us the option to remove. 


I like these ideas.  Maybe add the abuility to view the expired quote but have it say expired in red on the background like you would see a draft stamp in red on paperwork. 


Yes, this is a huge sore spot for us with Hubspot. There is no business logic that would ever say a record shouldn't be accessible, even if the estimate is expired.

For example, I had a customer ask me a question about a quote they received (which is now expired). It seems that original quote was attached to the wrong ticket/deal/etc, so it is just lost for good. I have no way of knowing what that quote was for, what it said, or anything. I cannot reverse lookup the quote from the quote link.

That makes us look very incompetent when we have the link, but even a logged in user cannot view the quote?? That makes NO SENSE at all. I had to look like an **bleep**, and ask the customer what the quote was about.

On top of that, there are no tools to search quotes so I cannot even search for quotes made during a specific time to narrow down the record. Nor can I simply see a list of quotes. I can only see a list of deals, which does me NO GOOD when perhaps the quote I need was associated with the wrong record.

I like the expiration date idea, but even just stating the expiration date on the quote would be sufficient. At the minimum, a logged in Hubspot user should be able to view the quote once it is expired.




agree with this point, this is something that creates an unnecessary "pressure" on clients - our sales team is always looking to develop new business never would I refuse a signed contract because it's expired. If people want to use it as a sales tactic that the offer "expires" (which it never will, let's be honest) that should be optional.


Yes please. This has to change. Quotes go out to clients with an expiry date to help us bring in deals faster. This does not mean we want to quote to be deleted! Please address this as soon as please!


What is the status? I have the same issue in my sales team and it's very annoying.