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Remove Property from Recycle Bin

I've been setting up a new instance of HubSpot, and have been replicating properties from another of our instances without taking note of the properties internal values.


I understand that internal values cannot be changed on creation, but these properties now don't match with the properties used to map with an integration, so I've had to create new properties.

Since deleting the properties, I've then had to create a new property, with a new name, since rather than properties being deleted straight away, I have to wait 90 days for the property to be removed from the recycle bin, meaning that we have a lack of consistency for 3 months across various portals.


Whilst having a recycle bin is great, to be able to restore properties perhaps accidentally deleted, there should also be an option to delete from recycle bin so that I can re-create using the same name, but different internal value.

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Yes please. This needs to be possible. Can't wait 90 days.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, at this time we do not plan to add new "permanent delete" functionality into the recycle bin. We will revisit this later in 2021.


- jeff


I agree - I think this functionality is crucial. Mistakes happen and we should be able to re-use internal schemas if needed.


I also completely agree to this point. Users should be able to re-use such properties without having to wait 90 days.

Please consider adding a "permanent delete" option ASAP


This needs to be prioritized, it's makes re-working your workflow and property structure extremely messy and confusing for internal communication. Particularly because internal names cannot be edited. This is a pretty sub-par experience for quite a few reasons.






I want to remove property from recycle bin or reuse internal name without waiting for 90 days too.