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Remove Deactivated Users from assignment options

This issue has been brought up a few times in the Community, but it doesn't look like it was added as an Idea.


When an employee leaves, we deactivate their account in HubSpot. This allows us to preserve historic detail. This is great and something that we want.


However, the deactivated user is still available to be assigned as an owner of stuff. It should be possible to prevent a deactivated user from being assigned to anything after they are deactivated.

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This is a very important functionality for us. We're trying to run our business on Hubspot with Automations. When we remove someone we have no idea where they might be assigned to a ticket, task, deal, or notification.

The current solution. Seach Automations, One by one or wait till it breaks.

Not ideal.


Absolutely. We want to be able to historically see who has taken certain actions etc for traceability (removing the user removes their name from everything), but we also need to guard data integrity going forward, by not allowing deactivated users to be accidentally assigned to a contact/company etc. 


Slight aside, but it's additionally a bit of a nightmare that when exporting a list of users, deactivated accounts are not highlighted in any way. Entirely unhelpful for account admin.


This would be a very helpful feature to add. We want the deactivated user account to just be hidden in record assignment so the historical activity and records are still kept in HubSpot.