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Remove Closed Won/Lost Deals from card/sidebar view & add Deal Stage filter in Views

When viewing records in Hubspot, either in a Contact or Company record, it would be great to hide the deals associated with those records that are closed won & closed lost.  Ideally, we would only be able to see open deals since that's what they are managing day in and day out. 

If there were a way to set this as a default in the Deal-- record customization page that would be fantastic. 


Similarly, in Deal Views, it would be great if there could be a high level filter (similar to "create date", "last activity date", "close date") that would allow you to only show open deals. I understand we can save filters to remove these deal stages, but the lack of this high level filter (for all deal stages) seems like a missed opportunity. 

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The sidebar view that shows closed won/closed lost deals is really confusing to most of my staff. A CRM should allow a team to stay focused on only the deals that are currently in progress, especially in such a highly visible place as the sidebar. Please provide this customization


would be great to have two cards in company/contact overview:

Deals - active

Deals - closed


Would love a solution for this! Our company is fairly new to HubSpot (approximately 6 months of active use) and our sales team members are already requesting the ability to hide old Closed Won/Closed Lost deals from the company and contact screens. Can't imagine the frustration this is going to cause as we continue to use HubSpot...


Would be great to have a solution for that issue!
The sidebar view is indeed very confusing, as you can't sort the active deals in order to focus on them.

Please provide customization.



Yes this will be so usefull


Upvoting as well, being able to filter deals in the sidebar would be hugely helpful.


I can only reiterate the other comment in this thread. Our reps use case is simple; look up the contact (in our case a Dealer of our product), call them and dicuss all open/active deals, then move to the next contact. Closed Won/Lost is great data for sales analysts, but for the rep on the road it's visual noise.


Agree with the above - this needs to be done, else people will see 100s of irrelevant records



- side panel has a filter for certain deal stages

- side panel orders deals by deal stage (so at least the ones in the later stages are at the end)



@Neil_C that would solve so much!

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Filtering by pipeline would also be very important.  


Great idea but let us use a filter in the panel so we can decide what is displayed.  For example, we like to see closed won and open deals but not closed lost.


ALso a filter option on data so I could say:
- deals any open or won stage

- date - all deals from date.