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Remove Closed Won/Lost Deals from card/sidebar view & add Deal Stage filter in Views

When viewing records in Hubspot, either in a Contact or Company record, it would be great to hide the deals associated with those records that are closed won & closed lost.  Ideally, we would only be able to see open deals since that's what they are managing day in and day out. 

If there were a way to set this as a default in the Deal-- record customization page that would be fantastic. 


Similarly, in Deal Views, it would be great if there could be a high level filter (similar to "create date", "last activity date", "close date") that would allow you to only show open deals. I understand we can save filters to remove these deal stages, but the lack of this high level filter (for all deal stages) seems like a missed opportunity. 

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The sidebar view that shows closed won/closed lost deals is really confusing to most of my staff. A CRM should allow a team to stay focused on only the deals that are currently in progress, especially in such a highly visible place as the sidebar. Please provide this customization


would be great to have two cards in company/contact overview:

Deals - active

Deals - closed


Would love a solution for this! Our company is fairly new to HubSpot (approximately 6 months of active use) and our sales team members are already requesting the ability to hide old Closed Won/Closed Lost deals from the company and contact screens. Can't imagine the frustration this is going to cause as we continue to use HubSpot...


Would be great to have a solution for that issue!
The sidebar view is indeed very confusing, as you can't sort the active deals in order to focus on them.

Please provide customization.