Reminder emails for overdue tasks

Our users using Hubspot CRM free and Sales need the ability to receive a reminder email for overdue tasks.


As sales people, they are very busy and the original reminder email gets lost in their inboxes and they often forget about their tasks. If they are reminded each day about their tasks, they'll be more likely to complete them instead of letting them fall past due. Even if it's a summary email to remind them that they have past due tasks to follow up with their clients, the daily reminder to do so would be great.

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Yes Hubspot definitely needs this functionality. Very simple to add: if a task is overdue then a notification email is sent each day at a set time.


Please action this ASAP.



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 This would be great. IF we were allowed to create workflows based on a task due date we could accomplish this but I don't think that's possible at the moment. A daily summary of overdue tasks would be even better.


Found this link that says you can do it in Hubspot projects

(although am pretty sure I don't have this functionality on my Hubspot project section). So should be too hard to implement it for normal tasks  Smiley Happy ... should it?

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This would solve a lot of problems! Task reminders are getting lost in a sea of emails all the time. 

@davidrevis If they have managed to implement it in projects already hopefully it shouldnt be long till its added to regular tasksSmiley Happy

Either the workflows based on tasks or the functionality from the projects section would solve all our problems

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A daily task reminder for every overdue, incomplete task would be great.

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I think having the ability to set up workflows based on due date would be extremely valuable for not only reminding the sales team of past due tasks, but also for managers. The challenge we have is figuring out a way for the sales manager to have visibility of tasks not being completed within a specified amount of time.


For example, if a lead comes in and a call task is set up, we would need that to be actioned that day, if it's not then the manager would need visibility to follow up on why.