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Reminder Feature for Blogs

When you have hundreds of historical blogs, it can be difficult to keep up with content that is posted in the moment but needs a regular update (e.g. top marketing statistics of 2015 or WordPress v HubSpot: 2018 edition). It would be cool for the blog section to have a reminder field so that your team can be notified when a piece should be updated for the current year. Manual solutions like setting a calendar invite may not work as your team members filter in and out over the years.

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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner

This would be great for portals with tons of content. I especially love it for updating timely subjects! 

Hall of Famer | Elite Partner

A "schedule content update" property that was a date picker would be perfect, how that ties out to notifications or flags the blog within the tool TBD and would be very helpful!

Top Contributor | Elite Partner

Love it!