Reliable tracking of opt-outs and hard-bounces

Need a repeatable & reliable way to capture all opt-outs and hard-bounces. There is currently no clear filter critieria that can be used to identify those who previously may have bounced or opted-out vs. those that are currently opted-out and hard-bounced outside of exporting the bounces and unsubscribes data from the Email section to create a Static List which is not substainable. There should be a way to pull this into a smart list and/or a contact setting that can be referenced. Would like to know when sending my email I have the cleanest list possible prior to hitting send.

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I really believe that the "difficulty" in getting HubSpot to do this, is their "pay per contact" model.  If it were easy for us to remove bounced/invalid address's, they would have less contacts to charge for.

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Being able to filter for hard bounces (Contact has Bounced) should be part of a data hygene process. Sadly HS just doesn't want to make this field accessable or does it think its a priority in smart lists.

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Following up on this thread. I just had a bad experience with exporting/importing bounces to create a bounce list and wanted to warn others about this issue. The Opt-Out and Bounce list that you can export will contain Contacts previously deleted from your HubSpot portal. If you don't clean the list to remove previously deleted records (involves comparing your current Contact list to the Opt-Out/Bounce list), like I didn't, before re-importing them to create a bounce list, you will end up re-creating the deleted Contacts in HubSpot. No big deal, right? You can just create a list in HS to locate those new Contact records and then delete them... Except if you have integrations or workflows that trigger when new HS Contacts are created, like we do with Salesforce and other services. This can create issues that extend beyond HubSpot.


In my experience, this ended up creating hundreds of of new Leads in Salesforce that were assigned to our Biz-Dev reps. Luckily I caught this early, and thankfully our automation processes didn't involve email notifications to the reps or other processes that would be hard to back out - that could have been very distracting for our reps and time-consuming to undo. In this case I was able to simply delete the newly created SF records (after exporting and confirming they were generated by the bounce list) and I was able to quickly delete the newly created HS Contacts in HS.


This could have been worse. But I'm irritated that it could have been avoided if HubSpot provided the bounce data in a Contact Property, rather than requiring me to export/import the Opt-Out/Bounce list manually. Alternatively if we had a way to upload a CSV to create a static list and ignore Emails not already in HubSpot (Mailchimp has this feature and I miss it dearly), then we could avoid the issue of potentially creating new Contacts when all we want to do is segment existing HS Contacts via a CSV list.



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

@marketingman83, my sincerest apologies for that UX. I want you and the others on this thread to know that we hear you. We understand it is important to understand the segment of active contacts within your database that will end up in the Not Sent category through HubSpot, and this will be easier sometime in the near future.


Thank you for your patience.

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@marketingman83 it's great to hear that a fix is in the future. Thanks for the support!

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@marketingman83 - Thank you for posting your heads up. I confess I couldn't believe that could really happen until it happened to me! Fortunately, having just read your post I understood what was going on and quickly deleted all of our "previously deleted created today" records. Thank you!!!

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As a first time Hubspot user and longtime Marketo user I am totally baffled that something this basic is not available. Please implement asap. 

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Well it has been one year since HubSpot last updated this idea (5/16/18). This seems like such an easy fix!! Create a field that is triggered when an email has bounced. We need this field in order to automatically identify which leads are bad or can try to rectify.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

The export now has options to include deleted contacts or not; and allows the user to specify any combination of unsubbed, hard bounced and spam reports.


There will no longer be a need to filter this export outside of hubspot. Simply check the group of contacts you want to isolate and open the CSV sent to your inbox.


Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.36.33 AM.png

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Thank you Paxton - this will help but it does not solve the issue. Need a filter so we can add to smart list for easier reporting of hard bounces.