Related Companies -- Included in List Segmenting and Work Flows

Contacts can have 1 "Associated Company" and several "Related Companies". Workflows and Lists can be generated based on properties of "Associated Company" BUT not "Related Companies" - as I've been told Related Companies is still a BETA feature.


Expanding the Lists and Workflows to included segmentating based on the properties of Related Companies would be immensely helpful and prevent the necessity of creating duplicate Contacts in order to trigger Workflows and generate correct Lists.


Example of Issue:

We have "Owner A" who is the owner of "Company A", "Company B", and "Company C" that are in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and California, respectively. Company A is the Primary Associated Company while B and C are merely "Related Companies".


We need to send an email to all of our customers who have a company in California. If we create a List where it filters/segments Companies where "State" = California, Owner A will not be included because their California office is only a "Related Company".



This is just one example where having "Related Companies" is almost pointless, aside from making UI a bit simpler for customers who have multiple locations/businesses. I wasn't even away of the issue until it was tested in the specific scenario given above.

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This is imperative to how our organization operates as well. We have many business consultants, advisors, and accountants (third-party contacts) who are considered "Contacts" on dozens of companies in our database. Unfortunately, there is no clean way to segment and communictae with these third-party contacts. So our database is riddled with duplicate contact records.


If the related companies feature allowed for segmentation this could be easily accomplished.