Reinstate drag and drop feature to upload images and other files

You used to be able to upload images and other files simply by dragging and dropping the selected file from an open folder to the upload box on Hubspot, this feature has been removed and now if you try to do it, it opens the image/file in a completely new tab and then when you hit 'back' you have lost any recent changes you've made. 


The drag and drop feature was the most convenient and efficient as you could just choose the selected file if you already had it open in a folder, now you need to actually click 'upload file', find the correct file location and then upload it. It is slow and tedious.


Please bring back drag and drop!

HubSpot updates
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If you are looking for the upload of the image using the drag and drop option then you must have an active internet connection and for that buy a best VPN router which will help you in securing the data when you are online.

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We definitely have an active internet connection so that's not the problem! They used to allow it and have confirmed that they removed it. If you could please upvote this and share with others we would really appreciate it Smiley Happy