Refining the way to block IP addresses

There are a couple of areas in which I think the way you can block IP addresses in HubSpot could be improved, making life a whole lot easier.


1. Being able to type a name for each IP you block (e.g. 'office 1', 'Gem home') much like you can with Google Analytics. This would make it so much easier to keep a track of what you've already blocked, and give you the ability to remove one if it no longer needs to be blocked (e.g. someone leaves)


2. I would have thought it would be logical to somehow block by user? i.e. if I am logged into HubSpot then when I am viewing pages as I edit them, surely it could block me from being tracked, even if I am working remotely in a cafe and haven't blocked the IP?


Hoping there is something that can be done on this! I really want to reduce our direct traffic which I suspect is largely coming from us.



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ericmurphy Occasional Contributor | Diamond Partner
Occasional Contributor | Diamond Partner

Dynamic IP addresses! Can we exclude visits by our HubSpot users?

Becky_Murphy New Contributor | Diamond Partner
New Contributor | Diamond Partner

Also it impacts the cost of HubSpot, if a HubSpot client has less than 3000 visits then they pay for website starters, if they have a dynamic IP (not static) then their direct traffic can put them over their 3000 visits and trigger the 3K limit.  Costing the client $300 (£245) rather than$100 (£80).  

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It would be good to get a notification if my current IP address does not match any of the ones in the list (Settings/Email Integrations/Hubspot Extensions/Blocked IP Addresses/Manage)