Refine lead Lead Scoring Properties by Date and Frequency together


Feature Request: 

At the moment it is only possible to create a lead score atttribute and refine it by date or by the number of times it occurs (and not both at the same time). It would be great if for example, we could attrbiute a positive lead score to contacts who visited a page at least twice in the past month (or after a certain date). At the moment one one of the above filters can be applied in the lead scoring tool.


Simialrly, it would be amaxing if we could categorise forms for the purposes of lead scoring. If you could tag/or mark a form as a "Newlestter Form" or a "Lead Generation" form as an example, you could then create the lead scoring atttribute surrounding whether they have completed a "Newsletter form" type, rather than having to add each form submission to the lead scoring proeprty after it is created.

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Totally agree, this would be incredibly useful but not just for scoring. 


All that needs to be added is the ability to use both refine by date and refine by number at the same time in number based properties. Right now, it is only possible to refine by number of times or by date (in lists and workflows), combining the two would be amazing. Example of an excellent usage would be if a contact

visited more than 20 pages in the last day, I definitely want to create a workflow that alerts the contact owner about it. 


Currently, there isn't any way to mark highly engaged contacts based on time-frame - and this feature is crucial.