Recycle Bin

The recycle bin is a great idea but pretty useless unless you know the exact time you deleted the contact and it was the only one that was deleted at that time.


A search function would be amazing or at least being able to reorder the contacts alphabetalically based on email address or name.


I have 8 contacts i needed to find in the bin but over 90,000 contacts in there and the only option i had was to search through each individual page for one email at a time using ctrl+f. This would have taken days so we just had to abandon the contacts as deleted.

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Whole-heartedly agree that a search funtion in the recycling bin would be a great update!

A feature like this would make self-troubleshooting much more efficient when searching for missing contacts! 🙂

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If you can't add a search feature, could you AT LEAST SORT BY EMAIL ADDRESS?  

I had a similar problem, only 5,000 records to look through 20 times to restore 20 separate records.  

Thankfully I had a full back up of the db before the delete, so I searched my backup excel file to be sure they previously existed before I went hunting through the restore.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE at least sort by email address.  A lot more useful than delete date, since we usually bulk delete.


Thank you