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Recurring revenue amount in multiple currencies

Currently recurring revenue amounts are only available in the account default currency. We need it optional for mutliple curencies just like the deal amount

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Hey @TCoppen , at Hype & Dexter, we have created a micro-app that can be installed in any account with Sales-Pro or Above.


In essence, the app, which can be built into a workflow, will enable you to set a Date Property for a designated period of time AFTER another date property. E.g 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year or any combination of the above. 


This, combined with a couple of clever workflows, has enabled us to truly create a functioning Recurring Revenue Pipeline for ourselves, and we're starting to offer this to our clients and other HubSpot Community Members (posting as replies to people needing this type of feature). 


For the example given above, you'd be able to have your Close Date on the Deal, your Recurring Revenue Start Date on the Deal, and the app would format your Recurring Revenue Period End Date. This way I have used it to either just Report Month by Month for the Month ahead, OR report 12 months ahead from the Recurring Revenue Start Date, while being able to halt reporting 6 months in, if the company were to Churn. 


Because of this, we can use the regular Amount and Currency fields to report in whatever Currency your Deals are in.  


If this is of interest to you here you're more than welcome to Click here to schedule a Recurring Revenue Demo