Recurring payments with Stripe integration

The Stripe integration currently only supports one time payments. It should also support recurring payments so it can be used for Quotes that include Products with recurring payments.

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Still not solved here. Its a pain. The Quote connection actually has got worse. Quotes that have been paid are now showing up as "payment pending". Also...there is a problem with the API to Stripe and customers would randomly get "payment failed" notification causing them to go through the payment process again only to find out their card was charged 2-4 times before they finally call us. 

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@hroberts We've had this same issue and I was about to post about it today. 

"payment failed" has showed up to clients and they get charged twice, we get charged in stripe for the activity, and have to refund the second charge to the client. Sure we can add a comment to only hit purchase once, but that shouldn't be the case. 

We really need a way to delay billing start for Net 30 or Net XX. The process of charging a $0 or $1 subscription to then change it in Stripe is not a scalable process and doesn't make us look like a legitimate business. 

There's also been a recent change to the layout of the quote itself. Our logo and info used to show up as a footer, now it's stacked at the bottom of the Quote which makes it so the quote HAS TO print on two pages. 

Is the team going to be developing this further, or should be abandon the use of it now? 

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@JT_Prism Sooooo painful. I'm ready to jump ship and go pipedrive, or something. The automation and simplicity is what drove us to Hubspot, but this causes us SOOOO many issues like you mentioned above. 


*Failed payments

*duplicate payments with errors

*no start date


For the record. I've looked into PandaDoc which can Handle the invoicing portion, but doesn't handle the recurring piece. they've said they too, are building this out. So the only option with them is to send invoice, then manually go into Stripe and add customer to a subscription. Again, not scalable. 


Any developers with bandwidth: hit me up and we can build something together. 

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Just to chime in here, our Paycove tool is already developed and fully integrated with HubSpot now.  We have none of these errors. I'm partial, of course, but we've added a ton of useful functionality. Feel free to check out our free trial too! Happy to help with any questions.

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Hey @wooglin 
I was looking at Paycove and talked to the CEO, who coincidentally went to school with our CEO. 
Our biggest issue there is the mapping of product  and price points back to Paycove from HS. My understanding of the walk thru I got was that we would have to have every variable in price mapped back to HS which is problematic for us given the product updates and discounting we offer. If that mapping has changed, let me know. I can reach back out to Jeff. 

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@JT_Prism This was our same thing as well. Let me know what you find out. 

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I'm looking for the same solution to have the integration with Stripe work for one-time payments and reoccuring payments from the same quote. It's not ideal to have to create 2 separate quotes or not even being able to manage reoccuring payments. We need to be able to automate this process and should be Native to HubSpot.  Is our only option going outside of HubSpot to find someone to build this?

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@shaps3 Here's what we do which is still frustrating:

-Send out one quote for the one time fee AND the future subscription. We label the subscription with the future $$ amount, but then adjust the charge to only $1. This will create the customer inside of Stripe. (Note - if you only send out the One-time payment quote, it won't create the customer inside of Stripe, only accept the payment so you'd have to send out an additional quote with the recurring subscription)

-Once the initial payment has been made, we go into stripe and adjust the $1 subscription to the actual subscription with appropriate start dates (you do this by setting a "trial" number of days before that subscription is updated). 


Its a pain and quite honestly -surprising no one has figured this out. Other solutions we've looked at require as much if not more manual effort. At least this way the products and contacts automatically push from Hubspot to Stripe etc. 

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Same issue...same billing scenarios as previously listed.  We're currently switching to Hubspot from another CRM and this issue is proving to be a disaster.  I need to eliminate manual steps in our billing process and not have to use various work-arounds.  Based on what I've found it seems that's the only way to make it work.  As someone else said, doing this manually is not scalable, it's actually a step backward from where we were.


Billing is the first step of our customer onboarding, which is an extensive process.  Any time I have to add manual tasks to the process it creates all kinds of potential for failure.


Also, my understanding is that Stripe subscriptions will recur indefinitely unless they are manually cancelled.  Is that correct or did I miss something?  Our subscriptions are based on pricing for fixed terms which aren't indefinite.  This would require we manually cancel subscriptions when the term is up.  

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@kdarnell totally agree. @hroberts Any insight into this?



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all! Apologies for all the pain you're experiencing here.

  • For the failed payments, please reach out to our Support team with those issues and examples so we can get them resolved.
  • For the Start Date request, it doesn't look like anyone created a new idea, so I have spun one up here: Please add all your use cases in the comments over there and upvote it. Commenting on a Delivered idea about related requests is actually pretty difficult for us to track and quantify, so keeping the discussion on new threads is the best way to get eyes on the ask Smiley Happy

If you have any other ideas related to Quotes/Stripe/Recurring Revenue that I've missed, I'd encourage you to please file new ideas. As you know, this tool is still relatively new, so all of your feedback is critical as we iterate and improve. Thank you so much for your engagement!

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We just launched a new module in the HubSpot marketplace which adds a stripe checkout button as a module: 


Using the checkouts feature in stripe you can add recurring payments

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Hello, anyone using Stripe integration with Hubspot Quotes and wishing there was a free trial option (client puts payment info upon signing quote but payment processing is delayed until after x days)? Please check see this new idea and upvote: