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Is it possible to create reocurring tasks, such Ticklers?  I like to set-up ticklers to contact  certain customers on a regular basis.  Is this possible in Hubspot?



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Hi HubSpot Community!


Scott from the product team here. We're actively building recurring tasks and excited to be rolling this out in the coming months.  


Here's a sneak peak of how it will work:




If you're interested in getting beta access to this feature once it's available, please take a moment to fill out this short beta form:



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I am desperate to be able to do this. There are essential tasks for my business that need to be run quarterly and really don't want to pull my team out of the flow of their CRM in to calendar where they will then have to manually create the task.


Any sign of this on the horizon?

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Can a recurrence tool get added to the calendar tool in the marketing software, so that weekly, monthly, etc. recurring tasks can be added in bulk rather than individually?

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I agree, recurring tasks would be a great feature and would encourage more people within my company to use the tasks in HS.

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I have many sales that are annual, biannaul, or quartly and I would love to have a set of tasks that would enable me to reach out to each of those companies with timely reminders to book their annaul spot.

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I agree--having an automatic task reminder (such as weekly meeting, or yearly birthday) is frankly a basic for a CRM. This is the only one I know that doesn't have it.

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YES!!! please

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Vote from me as well

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Our Account Management team have just started to use Hubspot as a task management tool as well as a CMS and desperately need a feature like this. Surely a very simple addition to the existing tasks model?

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Yes, please add recurring task option to calendar.

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Has there been any movement on this request? I just moved CRMs from Insightly to HubSpot and I love it so far. But, to be honest, I may go back to Insightly based on the recurring task issue. I have too much going on to have to think about constantly scheduling a new task once I complete one. It's a really big deal. If this is added, it's really the perfect CRM.