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Recurring Tasks

Is it possible to create reocurring tasks, such Ticklers?  I like to set-up ticklers to contact  certain customers on a regular basis.  Is this possible in Hubspot?



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December 13, 2021 08:41 AM

Hello HubSpot Community, 


We are looking for ways to improve "Set Tasks To Repeat". The main way that we improve and get better is by being guided by our customers. If you are interested in influending the future improvements to "Set Tasks To Repeat", please fill out the below survey. We will use the collected information as our guide and potentially reach out to some of you so that we can gain a deeper understanding of your feedback.


We appreciate your help and look forward to connecting with you.


November 08, 2021 05:19 AM

Hello @Alexb111,


You should be able to see "set to repeat" in a couple of areas in HubSpot.

  1. When creating a task from a company or contact record, you should see the "set to repeat"
  2. When creating a task from the task app, you should see the "set to repeat"

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 8.17.40 AM.png

September 17, 2021 07:52 AM

Hello HubSpot Community,


I am happy to announce that repeating task is live and available to Sales and Service starter customers or higher. I would love to hear your feedback on this feature. Feel free to DM me with feedback. 





In Beta
February 08, 2021 01:36 PM

Hi HubSpot Community, 


Scott from the product team here. I'm happy to report that repeating tasks are now in a private beta. We'll be slowly rolling this out over the coming weeks. If you've already requested access to the beta, be on the lookout for the feature in your account in the coming weeks. 


Thank you,


In Planning
March 05, 2020 09:36 AM

@accortdr recurring tasks are currently in development. I can't yet provide a timeline for when the feature will be delivered but this will be the first place I update once the feature goes into beta. Thanks for your patience as we work on building recurring tasks. 

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Agreed. We have semi-regular tasks (birthday phone calls, etc.) that recur every year. It would be nice to be able to have recurring tasks. 

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 @Kimberly I agree, reoccurring tasks would be great, however, I did want to mention that if you're a marketing customer with access to workflows, you can setup annual tasks by using a workflow.  You can create a property based workflow centered about, for example, a birthdate and select the option to reoccur annually.  You can add a step in the WF of "Create a Task".  This will reinitiate the workflow each year based on that property and set the desired task.


Hmmm... that's an interesting idea. I might play with it a bit, although it is not as straightforward as just having recurring tasks, it might be a workaround to use in the meantime. Thanks for sharing!


Hey guys,


I'm wanting to schedule a reminder for myself each Friday using the 'task' function on a customer's account so I can be reminded to go in and make adjustments for her weekly order. I've been told this isn't a thing yet, so I'll have to do it on my iPhone, but it would be awesome to have it integrated into Hubspot so I can have everything under one hood 🙂



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That only seems to allow for annual recurrence. Is there another workaround for monthly or weekly tasks?

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Recurring tasks is a pretty stock-standard feature of any task management soution; it makes no sense to use a very limited (only offers a yearly recuring task) and complex 'workaround' which isn't even offered on every level of the platform. 


Yes we need this!


Also dreaming of the ability to create Gantt charts, dependencies in HubSpot. I was a huge fan of Wrike when I used it. 




We would like to have the ability to create recurring tasks as well. 




Great idea. Currently scheduling Google Cal events for bi-weekly/monthly reminders, and would love to have this all in HubSpot. 


I am desperate to be able to do this. There are essential tasks for my business that need to be run quarterly and really don't want to pull my team out of the flow of their CRM in to calendar where they will then have to manually create the task.


Any sign of this on the horizon?


Can a recurrence tool get added to the calendar tool in the marketing software, so that weekly, monthly, etc. recurring tasks can be added in bulk rather than individually?


I agree, recurring tasks would be a great feature and would encourage more people within my company to use the tasks in HS.


I have many sales that are annual, biannaul, or quartly and I would love to have a set of tasks that would enable me to reach out to each of those companies with timely reminders to book their annaul spot.


I agree--having an automatic task reminder (such as weekly meeting, or yearly birthday) is frankly a basic for a CRM. This is the only one I know that doesn't have it.


YES!!! please


Vote from me as well


Our Account Management team have just started to use Hubspot as a task management tool as well as a CMS and desperately need a feature like this. Surely a very simple addition to the existing tasks model?


Yes, please add recurring task option to calendar.


Has there been any movement on this request? I just moved CRMs from Insightly to HubSpot and I love it so far. But, to be honest, I may go back to Insightly based on the recurring task issue. I have too much going on to have to think about constantly scheduling a new task once I complete one. It's a really big deal. If this is added, it's really the perfect CRM.