Recurring Tasks

Is it possible to create reocurring tasks, such Ticklers?  I like to set-up ticklers to contact  certain customers on a regular basis.  Is this possible in Hubspot?



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I agree, recurring task is quite good to have.

We had in our previous Program recurring tasks, and we were using it on monthly and weekly basis.

It would be really helpful to have it.


Really good idea, would be super useful for us to have reoccuring tasks! 

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+1 on this thread, would be super useful for us to manage our customer success calls with our clients.

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Sure would be nice if HubSpot would update us on this request that is over two years old. Especially since they are increasing rates without a feature that other CRMS do easily. ? 

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I agree with the last post.  Surely this isn't a difficult fix - could HubSpot provide an update on this? 


Speaking on behalf of a company which is trying to run it's whole CRM processes through a single system this is soon going to prove unacceptable. 

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Absolutely. This would be super useful!


I need that too. Please, consider adding that to the platform.

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I agree!  Will eliminate the need for using HS for tasks but Outlook for reoccurring tasks.


Agree - even simple options like annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly would get the job done. I have several free personal apps that do this so would think it would be a relatively simple addition with tons of value.

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We, too, could use reoccurring tasks. They are particularly helpful with regards to prospecting a client that needs regular touches.