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Recurring Tasks

Is it possible to create reocurring tasks, such Ticklers?  I like to set-up ticklers to contact  certain customers on a regular basis.  Is this possible in Hubspot?



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I would agree - we need to set-up reoccuring tasks for specific deal stages to ensure certain task activities are taking place. Would like to see HubSpot add this feature.

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You can use workflow to help you. Please refer to this discussion.

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We're a brand-new Hubspot customer and I also can't believe they don't offer recurring tasks. I come from ACT CRM (which is rather antiquated) and we've been able to do that as well as have a tickler pop-up for years. Having to manually put the same task in over and over makes no sense. We switched to Hubspot because supposedly everything was going to be automated so we wouldn't have to do things over and over. 

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For the tasks, an option that they are automatically recreated when they are completed.


Example Task: Pour flowers in the office
Date: Monday
Recurring: weekly

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Yes this is a must!  I work in sales and we place a lot of orders that take our distributors and manufacturers a long time to fill.  I try and follow up on some of those weekly but do not need to do that will all of my orders.  Having a reocurring reminder like in email or calenders is essenctial to the follow up process.  It is great to respond to custmers about their orders BEFORE they have to ask!  In fact, I feel that is a halmark of CRM!  Hubspot has been great for the most part but this option would push me closer to giving it a stellar rating!



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YES PLEASE! Would take a lot of work out of things for our users. 

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Has there been any update on this topic? We would benefit greatly from this feature. 

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I agree with everyone here. This is a very important and necessary feature. Right now, I am having to schedule recurring reminders in Google Calendar. You can also use Zapier, but that can be tricky if you are on a free account, and it is also not at all easy or intuitive. Devs, please work on this!

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Definitely need this feature. Just when it gets completed recreate it for however far away someone wants. Similiar to the follow ups feature in the CRM.


Yes, we need this desperately!


We provide services for clients with a customer success manager and need a recurring task to call them every month!