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Recurring Meetings Tracked After 1st Event

According to this KB Article, "For recurring meetings, HubSpot will only sync the first event in the series. If another event in the series changes, or attendee response changes, the updated event will sync to HubSpot. For example, if someone cancels one particular week for a regular weekly meeting, it will trigger that week's event to sync to HubSpot."

With the services we provide, it makes sense for us to occassionally set weekly recurring meetings with our customers. However, we also have the need to track if these meetings were attended or not.

If only the first event of the series is recorded in HubSpot, it then becomes a manual task to log each meeting weekly for each customer, expending more time than usual.


The above image shows a meeting that is being edited under a contact's page in HubSpot.

If there was an option in this area to "mark as recurring" this could be an easy fix.


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we need this as well, we always have recurring meetings with clients and no meeting is logged in hubspot. 


We need this too as we hold many monthly or quarterly meetings with clients. Part of the benefit of having the meeting in HubSpot is the automatic reminder that goes to the customer. As a work around, I'd previously scheduled the entire year's worth of meetings in HubSpot and would adjust as needed. There was a recent update which now makes future scheduling meetings harder as you have to arrow through the calendar rather then being able to quickly select the date / time you want to schedule and, in addition, it now adds a (duplicate) meeting to my Outlook Calendar. 


True, two-way integration would be helpful here for the ability to accurately record what has happened and what's upcoming. 


This is a necessary improvement to meeting sync. We are a B2B organization with recurring weekly, bi-weekly and monthly meetings scheduled with most clients. In this scenario, meeting sync is barely saving any time over logging every meeting manually, especially if it only logs 1/52 recurring weekly meetings per client per year. Meetings are an important KPI for us but the inability to log each occurance of a recurring meeting series hampers our ability to track our team's activity.

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Definitely upvote for this. 


Has anyone worked out a "hack"? When reading the documentation, it appears as though it only changes around the attendees. Can we change something else in the meeting link that will cause HubSpot to pick up the meeting? can something in the description trigger it? 


Would definitely upvote for this!


Please implement


See this post: HubSpot Community - Schedule recurring events with Meetings - Page 3 - HubSpot Community 

It has over 150 votes. Let us put the effort here.


Implement ASAP, can't believe why this was left out in the first place??!


I upvote this enthusiastically! This is urgent for us. We need to be able to track ALL customer interactons, and recurring meetings with customers is a huge piece of this.


this is maddening! I can't tell if my customers are getting their recurring check ins.