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Recurring Email of Custom Reports Exported in Excel

Hubspot currently has a feature that allows users to set up recurring emails of a chosen Dashboard. Hubspot also has a feature that allows users to create custom reports, and export them to Excel.


I want to be able to set up recurring emails of my Excel exported custom report. This would be used as a tool to keep my sales team always targeting the correct leads. I would use it to send each sales rep a list of deals they have been in contact with recently (i.e. up to a month back), and some pertinent information about those deals. It would really help with keeping the team focused and organized.


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I'm assuming this function still has not been addressed by HubSpot?  Our company uses Excel files, and what is the point of the reoccuring email function if it's sending in a different format and then you have to go back to the report and do the actual export to XLS function.  Very inefficient and if it's something a person has to do and they are on vacation, out sick, or no longer with the company then the report really doesn't make it out to the intended users.


This is a no brainer. HS - Give us the ability to setup a recuring email which contains a link to an excel export of a report. 


The fact that you cannot view report data in whatever date range you want makes this suggested functionality even more appropriate.


This would be a very helpful feature! 


This feature would be vital for our business. Hope this gets added asap! 


I totally agree with this idea : hope it's added to the development list


Shocked this isn't a capability. I want to quickly review my team's weekly activity by individual and you of course can't do such by reviewing dashboards that require interaction. Having to click into Hubspot and export each report manually is a burden to my time. To be clear, this is a standard report from Hubspot (e.g., Count of Activities)...recurring exports is a bare minimum expectation for the money we pay to subscribe to Hubspot. Please elevate immediately as a priority. This could lead us to looking at other CRM platforms. 


Would really like this ability! It would help us take data 'snapshots' to see how data is changing. 


This would be very helpful! 


Our customers requested the same detailed report instead of just a graph. Would be great to see this implemented by Hubspot soon!


This could be great! My idea was send, to the external authors of the copmany blog which admin, a monthly email with the impact of their articles. Such as Google Maps does with our reviews.


This will be a really helpful feature and can save us much time and its a big drawback for the reporting system that hubspot have now, 


Really need this here too - for the sales team who will not be logging into Hubspot to get a scheduled email of our prospecting report as an attachment. And I need it to be available in the reporting functionality, not locked up in Sales Hub. 


If there is ONE reason I keep recommending our CTO to get out of HubSpot and use another platform it is this one. Every time we talk about systems, I strongly recommend getting out of HubSpot. I'm not on Marketing or Sales, I do product (strictly speaking, a service). And once we have a new deal, I need quick, automated fulfilment at scale. What Microsoft Dynamics and just about every other platform does without a fuss, openly, transparently, fluidly, on tap, in HubSpot is restricted to toy PDFs sent once a day. It is laughable. Our data, hijacked. So yes, every time I chat with our CTO, every time, I remind them: our fulfilment and service provision dashboards are slow because our data is not our data, it's apparently HubSpot's. We continue to pull reports manually every day, and when I talk to my peers, they laugh. Oh, did I mention API calls are restricted to 2k rows? And did I mention we operate at scale? Yes, laughable. One feature. My vote, every time, is to move out of here and take back control of our data.


Scheduling a CSV export of a report out of HubSpot is a necessity. Insane this functionality has not been added yet.


As many of us manage dynamic sales teams, the ability to automatically send detailed and actionable reports is not just a convenience; it's a necessity. HubSpot allows for manual Excel exports and the setup of recurring emails, but it stops short of combining these two functionalities.

The ability to send Excel-exported custom reports automatically on a recurring basis would be a game-changer. It would provide sales teams with consistent, detailed data in a familiar, flexible format, enabling them to stay focused and efficient.

This feature isn't just a nice-to-have; it's essential for maintaining organized, data-driven sales processes. The current lack of this feature is a significant oversight in an otherwise robust platform.


This feature would be very handy. I want to be able to email a list of deals to our team so they can view them in an excel document rather than having to login to HubSpot to view. 


We have many stakeholders that need reports and having them go into Hubspot to export is very cumbersome.  We need this asap


Honestly very surprised that this doesn't exist within HubSpot already. The existing options for emailing reports and dashboards as PDFs (that usually get cut off) aren't sufficient.


Yes please!

I would like the re-occurring report to be sent to a slack channel!

I know I can send a slack message but I need the exported .csv file, not just a link to the report page.

Hope this can be done soon

Colaborador | Partner

@hubspot Do we have any updates on this? It seems like a pretty basic ask. I need it too. Pretty please.