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Recurring Email of Custom Reports Exported in Excel

Hubspot currently has a feature that allows users to set up recurring emails of a chosen Dashboard. Hubspot also has a feature that allows users to create custom reports, and export them to Excel.


I want to be able to set up recurring emails of my Excel exported custom report. This would be used as a tool to keep my sales team always targeting the correct leads. I would use it to send each sales rep a list of deals they have been in contact with recently (i.e. up to a month back), and some pertinent information about those deals. It would really help with keeping the team focused and organized.


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I agree with this idea!


I would like to have an email auto send an Excel sheet with a detailed weekly/monthly Report of the Workflow setup for Contacts that send our company an inquiry/message through our Contact Form. 


I would like the message contents, name, address, emails, etc be included in the Excel report. Right now I have to manually go in to the Report that I set up and manually download an Excel sheet for our Weekly/Monthly Report of our Contact Form. This Excel sheet does not include the message contents that was sent to us!


I am 100% supportive of having the features described above. I purchased Hubspot for my team because Salesforce did a poor job of reporting the data. However, since Salesforce Lightning has been rolled out - this gap is closing. I need all of the Hubspot weapons I can get to persuade my users to adopt Hubspot in favor of Salesforce. (Otherwise, the cost of Hubspot will undoubtedly come into question.)


I also need this functionality in my business!


This functionality would improve so many processes. I hope it is being considered!


I'm meeting with my Hubspot Usergroup today to find out ways we can push this to the top of their development agenda. Like I said in my earlier post, I need all the weapons I can get to prove Hubspot's value are worth the costs. If not - I wouldn't be surprised if it gets cut.


@Smith_Burgess How did it go? 


Yes, please! This capability would greatly improve the way my organization uses Hubspot. 


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My clients are demanding this feature. Please keep me informed.


Yes, our business development team would like to have an excel spreadsheet of our deals/pipeline automatically sent via email to our executive team on a weekly basis. The fewer steps to see metrics, the better! This seems like a pretty simple feature HubSpot could tackle! 


I agree and would add that being able to do recurring emails on just one report from the dashboard would be nice.  I need to be able to do a recurring email on just one of the reports and don't care to send all of them.  Being able to do recurring emails on any report (not just ones on the dashboard) would be a good functionality to have.


This was easy to do in Marketo, nice to have in HubSpot!


Exactly, our customers also request this feature...


Yes, some teams prefer data in a spreadsheet rather than a dashboard.


Please can Hubspot build this idea, I'm sure it is minimum effort to add this functionality after adding the PPTX abilities for reporting charts.


I have a scenario in my company that managers would like data tables sent to them via email on a daily basis. The current limitations stop us from doing this with limiting the amount of rows within the email sent + not being able to add the table views to an XLSX file on the email.


Has this request been resolved yet - apologies as I cannot find an update on the feed or elsewhere? Thanks

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Would really love to see this happen soon; reports are often more "useful" in excel format... as such, this would be big for our customers!

Thank you


This would be a really nice feature. 


Some of the reports I have created in HS generate a large data set that is just plain easier to look at and analyse in Excel. So once a week I have to go to the report and click export, lets simplify and automate exporting this data!


This would be a really useful feature! 



This would really benefit me. Currently I'm needing to deliver a sales report every Thursday. I would like to be able to have a CSV emailed to me so that I have data consistently delivered to me, even if I am away or unwell. 


This would be a much needed addition to our HubSpot reporting - hope this gets added to the development list soon!