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Recommended Modules per Template

I posted this in the Developers forum as well but wanted to submit it as an idea. (developers forum post)


Currently, as developers, we can group templates and modules into a theme and this results in the editor highlighting the theme's modules in each template(thus page editor) that is a part of that theme. This is a super handy feature, especially for cases like ours where we have hundreds of modules and only a handful that we actually want people to use. 


I would like to propose a feature where we can determine which modules in a theme to recommend on a template-by-template basis.

For example, if we wanted to create some templates that are specific to "Events," we can provide recommendations for specific modules that would work well for Events content (IE Agenda, Countdown Timers, Speakers, etc). Users could still add any other modules provided by the theme if they search for them, but these recommended modules appear front and center, similar to the "Common Modules" in the page editor.