Receive notifications when MQL visits the website


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Idea: Receive notifications when a contact in a list view or list engages with our website


We'd like to receive notifications when our MQLs visit the website. This will allow for immediate engagement and reasons to call and help convert MQLs to SQLs. 


We understand there are notifications within the settings, but they are restricted to all leads or prospects (company-based), so it isn't very valuable to us (especially when we're using large amounts of companies/leads). Another workaround is to create a list view of all website pages and MQLs, but it seems burdensome. Any other workarounds anyone knows of that might get this 

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Would a workaround here be to create a workflow with enrollment triggers that looks at list membership/Lifecycle stage is equal to MQL AND Page views - has at least one Page View of a URL containing (Your website). As page views can be used for re-enrollment criteria, any time a contact who is a member of one of the lists you have for tracking or has the lifecycle stage of MQL visits your site you could set an action to send an internal e-mail notification and use branch logic to specify the relevant team to send it to 🙂