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Receive calls within HubSpot's browser app

Hello HubSpot community!
We're excited to offer phone numbers and inbound call forwarding but we know users also want to answer calls within the browser app.

Please use this post to let us know how important receiving inbound calls within HubSpot is to you and we'll keep you updated on our progress.

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@jmangiameli This should absolutly be a first priorty after inbound call. Also make sure that wireless headphones are supported. I know this has been tricky for some of the others omni-channels web softwares because delay in sound, but wireless headsphones are basic these days in any offices. 


This is super important to us especially on mobile devices so our users can have inbound calls recorded and transcribed on the go. Turning off outbound calling on the mobile app seems like such a backwards step


This is super important, I live in Egypt and work for serving 2,000+ businesses from 65 countries, and while your team add Egyptian numbers to be included in the forwarding number countries, receiving calls on HubSpot app is the only way I can use it



I'm a HubSpot employee, writing here for a customer that would like to have inbound calling available for Brazil as well 🙂

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We would love that, especially for our remote users who aren't in office and are always in Hubspot anyways 🙂


It would be great if these inbound calls can be associated to the contacts automatically.