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Receive Email Through Hubspot

I wish you were able to receive email through hubspot. Seems to make sense considering you can send an email. If the client replies back it can only be accessed through my email provider. Makes it hard to send an email with a hubspot tracked attachments. I use Mac Mail which doesn't work with email tracking in Hubspot, so ideally I would have all my correspondence in Hubspot. Seems more efficient. You already have incoming and outgoing server access so why not?

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I swear to God! I just signed up for this and I cant get a reply through Hub**bleep**! WTF??? It's like a birthday cake without candles. I'm so pissed right now! 

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Hi all,


Through our email inbox integration, the replies you receive to logged emails will also log on the contact's timeline. You can also continue that email thread from the contact record by clicking the reply/reply all buttons on the email. 


If I'm misunderstanding this idea, let me know! But should be available for you 🙂




Why does it only work for replies to a logged email? I suggest that emails received from contacts (even if unsolicited and not replies) should be logged to HubSpot without having to remember to forward them.