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Recategorize Workflow Errors

We are currently able to see a list of workflows with 'errors'. However, right now too many events are being categorised as an error. 


For example,


1. Outside time window settings.

2. Unable to send the email - Details: Previously unsubscribed from all subscription types


Both of these should not really be categorised as errors.


Recategorizing the above will make the list of workflows with 'errors' much more useful.

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I've just hit the same thing, especially with point 1. "Outside time window settings" - this isn't an error this is perfect behaviour. This being listed as an error means workflows are incorrectly highlighted as having an error and it also fills out the list of errors in the workflows history, hiding genuine errors and making "workflows with errors" a lot less useful. Changing this event from 'error' to something else would be much better.

Another example is "
Some properties were already set to the correct value so they weren't changed." How is this an error? It should be a notification at most. I don't feel like I need to change the workflow in response to this to 'correct' it.


I was coming to report the same thing. I have a workflow set to only send emails on weekdays. When revising errors, I accidentally unenrolled a few contacts with the Outside time window settings error, confusing this with real errors.


If the action is exactly what was intended when the workflow was created, It's not an error and it should not be reported as such.


Replying here, just so I can be alerted to any fixes or workarounds.


These non-error errors make it more likely we'll miss actual errors. I have to keep reviewing the same 15+ workflows just to see if the errors are new and significant.


Perhaps just a 'clear this alert' button (or, better, 'stop showing these kinds of alerts for this workflow') would remove this annoyance.


Just discovered this issue too, Oh no so many workflows with errors! goes looking

It says this user doesn't have email notifications configured. Ok that is their problem.

It says this user doesn't have in-app notifications configured. Okay, also their problem.

It says it's the wrong time and will try again later. And?


Where are the errors? Don't get me wrong, i want to know delivery status if someone says, "I didn't get a notification" but that is not an error it is at best a warning.