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It would be helpful if Hubspot integrated with Rebrandly so we are able to use a custom shortened domain. As of now, Hubspot only integrates with Bitly for this feature, but the enterprise version of Bitly is outrageously priced at $500/month. Rebrandly for professional use is more reasonably priced at $99/month. There are many other shortened domain services that are far more affordable than what Bitly would like to charge.

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Neither Bitly or Rebrandly use the HubSpot platform.  


However, Geniuslink and BudURL are both fully featured URL shorteners and link managment tools with an affordable monthly price.  They are also longtime paying Hubspot users.  I would think these would be a better options for a HubSpot integration. 

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Will the 485 legacy votes be counted here? I would think that’s enough community support to warrant the rebrandly integration.
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They certainly should!

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