Reassign a conversation to a new contact


If a conversation (email - not chat) comes in from contact X, but the reply needs to go to contact Y, we need to be able to change the associated contact without losing the email thread.


An example might be: A member of staff who's on vacation received a customer email and forwarded it to the shared inbox for processing.  We need to reply to the original customer - not the staff member. 


So far the only workarounds involve copy & paste of the original email... (but that gets ugly quickly), or create a ticket and reassign the associated contact & company (too much clicking and difficult to follow a simple thread).


Please can you add the ability to reassign a conversation to a new contact?

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Hi @kweber - this has been sorted, see below:



HubSpot probably just need to mark it "Implemented".

Status updated to: Delivered
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