Real Time Visitor Identification for Chat


Based on what we do professionally, our business is limited to certain states here in the USA. So when a visitor from a state we don't do business in chimes in on chat, we'd like to know that in advance, so we don't spend time interacting with them. I know it sounds harsh, but we're a two-person company, and do lots of jobs in addition to monitoring chat so we need to focus our time on people who could become clients. 


We'd also like to know what page they're actively on while chatting with us so again, we can determine if it's worth our time. While on chat, we also direct visitors to certain resources on our site, and would like the ability to see if they successfully visited the page we directed them to. Knowing what page they were currently on would allow us to do that. 


We had these features in Olark, our previous chat provider, so I know it's possible. And I do understand I could set up a "screening bot" to ask them where they're located, but I don't want to create a barrier for someone if they might not be comfortable sharing that info. Even though we'd know it through this feature.