Re-order tasks within a queue

I can no longer re-order tasks within queues which was very useful. I contacted support and was told this feature has been removed to make way for other functionality within tasks, but would be useful if it could be added back in some way.

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This is the difference between engineering and a real user.  I live by those queues and you have not made it beyond hard to use them when the order of them is unchangeable.


It would have been nice if you got some feedback before you opted to remove it.  I understand you are looking to make some queue upgrades in the future but how I am to work from now until who knows when.


It is unfathomable that you'd remove a feature like this and beyond disappointed in HubSpot.  PLEASE bring it back ASAP!!!





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For anyone who likes to arrange the tasks queue, they have removed that feature!  It must be new because someone just started a thread on this Saturday.  If you need that feature like me or simply like the feature, please voice your concern.  For me, it greatly decreases the value of how I use HubSpot and now much harder to manage tasks. 


Here is the link to let engineering know about your displeasure with the removal of this highly important feature:

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A queue by definition is a list of things IN PRIORITY ORDER. If we cannot have any control over the order then the Queue feature becomes far less useful or even useless. I want to organise a que of calls by timezone for example. Others will have a different  criteria. We need to filter and prioritise a queue based on the contacts properties.