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Re-enrole sequence from where it left off

Sequences are automatically unenrolled when a contact responds to an email, 


this is understandable as we wouldn't want to send another email in the sequence if the contact responds in such a way that would make the next automatic contact inappropriate. 


However many times that a contact responds it's simply to say 'thanks'. And in most cases, I want the sequence to carry on. In these cases, i then have to re-setup the entire sequence (including any customisations i make), but if one or more of the sequence steps has already happened, i cannot use the sequence and have to set up manually. It's quite an inefficient process. 


It would be very helpful to have the sequence pause rather than stop altogether, and then it could be the sales person's discretion as to whether to carry on the sequence or not, based on the response the contact gave. 


The default should certainly be to stop, but the ability to carry it on at a click of a button would save a significant amount of time. 

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I have sequences that I time for months in the future to follow up with prospects who aren't ready to talk yet.


After customizing that sequence and sending a standalone email to say "Looking forward to connecting in September!", if the prospect replies to say "Thanks, you too!", I have to do all that work again. There isn't even a way to see my original customizations.


The re-enrollment feature that was marked as "Delivered" in a similar post actually doesn't work in this situation. As far as I can tell, the only prospects I can re-enroll with a click are ones who were unenrolled manually or because of an error.


I think this makes a lot of sence, I have a similar use-case as you do @benzil . I also pointed this out in this thread on LinkedIn:

It seems HubSpot is moving in the right direction with the newly launched pause (and un-pause!) feature on sequences.