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Re-associate companies when contacts update their primary email

Currently, Hubspot will auto-associate contacts with companies by looking at the email domain and connecting it to the website domain of the company(account) record. This is fine and good until that contact leaves the company and has a new email. When the contact is tracked and known through cookies and fills out a form, rather than create a new contact, Hubspot updated the email address, which is fantastic. It keeps the contacts history and ensures they don't get re-enrolled into nurtures. But the issue comes that while he had a new company email address, Hubspot did not remove the old association, even though the contact updated the company name to the new company. 


The biggest issue is that now, I can't trust the smart lists that filter on both company properties and contact properties, as the association between companies and contacts may not be correct. It would be nice if when a contact's primary email is updated, Hubspot rechecks the association to ensure that the domain of the email and the domain of the associated company match, and if they don't, to remove and re-associate the contact with the correct company.