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Re-arrange dependent fields

Currently there is no way to re-arrange the depenedent fields within the form. This makes it very tedious to edit forms after. The only way to move them is by deleting previous ones.


It should just have the same object orientated nature that is present in all of forms API.

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Being Reviewed
January 18, 2024 02:35 AM

Hi folks,


I’m Ian, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Forms tool.


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. We are currently evaluating how our team will implement this idea. If you're interested in participating in user testing, just reply to this thread. 


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!


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Agree! We have our city/state/zip codes as separate fields, but there is no reason why they should need to have separate lines for each data point. It would look much nicer if our form could have them all on one line and still be a depending field.


+1 on geekbleek's suggestion: Dependent form fields should not only be able to be re-orded dynamically, but you should be able to design/arrange them just like the rest of the form.  


Additionally, we need dependent fields to allow for extending the branch to conditional subsections off any field below the  top level property. i.e. Dependent fields can each have subsequent dependent fields. 


This would allow us to create a more personal and streamlined experience. Visitors are served only fields relevant to what they need and in a logical path. 


No news about this? 😕

We should be able to rearrange order of dependent fields, it's so time consuming, specially if you need to translate the labels each time.

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Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comments on this post. Your feedback helps us build better products.


I think this a great Idea! I'm happy to say we are currently reviewing this request and its feasibility. At this time I don’t have any details around timing or delivery, but all updates will be relayed on this thread.

I am changing the status of this idea to Being Reviewed as our team scopes out this work.



Awesome news! Thanks, Joe, hope it's possible to make this improvement. 🙂 


pretty please we need this feature. It's such a hassle to reorder them.


Definitely would be a huge quality of life improvement. While looking at this, it would be nice to have the ability to add headings or rich text areas as a dependent field as well! 


Definitely need this feature. Deleting and readding them in order to rearrange is really not viable. Rich text fields and the ability to align fields side by side (without CSS) should also be a feature here.


+1 this idea. This seems like a no-brainer for Hubspot, a company that is so committed to a.) being user friendly, and b.) reducing customer friction.  

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This has to be added. Its so time consuming. As well as having to delete and start again you also lose any of the form specific Labels, Help Text, Defaults etc that you add. The drag and drop functionality exists perfectly elsewhere, it need to be here too. 


Any updates on this? It's very painful. It would also be nice to be able to arrange dependent fields on the same line.




Would be also important for us to shorten the contact form


This is terribly annoying to have to delete fields in order to reorder them, especially if I've made changes to the text. How is this not already a feature? Not surprised, disappointed by HubSpot once again.


Any updates on this? It would be extremely useful and save a lot of time! Also agree with the suggestions to be able to edit the progressive fields and edit the form layout as in the main form (e.g two columns)


so this is still not a thing in 2021? just wondering if I'm missing something... i'd really expected the ability to reorder because that's generally been the Hubspot experience until now, and now after throwing in all of my rules indiscriminately i find that I have to spend a half hour more correcting that mistake than I would have normally keeping me from my much wanted weekend time! 


At the least, can you warn us maverick users that "Rules cannot be reorganized"-type statement at the top so at least when we come across UI that is not like the rest we encounter, we can expect the difference and act more carefully/accordingly? Seriously I'd be ok with the functionality not being there if I'd just known about it upfront.

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Hi team,

This is a must-have! Any updates ?



Any update on this one Hubspot? - Looks like it was first raised over 4 years ago!


Would be great to be able to arrange the dependent fields (just side by side, nothing crazy).  Form looks really basic with fields stacked one after another.


Not much to ask for considering how much we are all paying for Hubspot.


This is crazy it hasn't been implemented yet - this is a much-needed feature we need to add in to our forms.


Please provide an update. This feature is desperately needed!