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Hi, thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately this is not what I am trying to do, I am aware of the filters.  Your answer essentially just empties out that stage. I just want to hide older ones and keep recent newer deals in the pipeline.  I am looking for a hide button.  If i filtered out this stage of the pipeline that gets rid of all deals.  If there is a way to filter them out by date it would essentially be the same thing.

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No 'hide button'. However, we can always additionally filter on close date which auto-updates to the current date when a deal is moved to a close stage.

- see HubSpot's default deal properties


'Close date is after 12/31/2018' will only show deals with close dates in 2019.


As you know, filtering by close date will impact all deals -- i.e., closed AND open deals. An alternative, would be to build a custom deal status -- e.g., Active -- and use that status for all active deals. In essence, a 'button' that isn't date dependent.


I also need this featue.

I don't want to delete the deal or change the deal to archived. I need it to remain eitherlost or won.

I don't want all won or lost deals to be hidden as this also defeats the purpose. 

I also can't use the suggestion above of putting in a static date as this again will still get full over time.

Instead I want a filter to show only deals that were won or lost in the last 30days and the rest to be hidden.  Happy to use a filter if it can hide al dealls that have be lost or won more than 30days ago. 
Only show deal lost/won this month. 


I would REALLY like to do this too. Any changes in 2020 that would support this?


I cannot use a filter for only recent deals because the filters don't allow "OR" settings. Truly what I want is the following:


Deal stage is not (Closed Won, Closed Lost, CQI)
Deal Last Activity is (within last 3 months) 


I can't believe this feature doesn't exist.  You don't want a salesperson to see the 1,000s of deals they've lost, you just want them looking at active stages.  Having a view of a pipeline without Closed Won and Closed Lost is a basic, fundamental sales tool