Re-Enroll in Sequence

I know out-of-office messages shouldn't unenroll someone from a sales sequence, but sometimes it happens anyway. In that case, it would be nice to be able to "re-enroll" the contact in the sequence at the same point where they left off.

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Definitely, this is something I asked for several times as well.

it's a must have to do this quickly whenever a wrong unenroll happened.

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Equipo de producto de HubSpot
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This is now available in Sequences. Just head to the Sequences tab in HubSpot, find the Sequences where the contact was unenrolled, and upon hover there is an "Actions" button from which you can re-enroll contacts. 

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I just ran into this same issue and the only options I see available from Actions are Email, Call, and Create task. In addition to that, I don't have any visibility to the response that HubSpot says was sent that unenrolled the user.

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Hey @sjudson, I just tried to do this but unfortunately the described feature isn't available. The main reason why this is annoying is that I spent 10mins setting up a highly customized sequence and if the contact thanks me after the first email they get unenrolled and basically all my work was for nothing. 


I believe a thank you reply doesn't necessarily change the content of the sequence I set up before, so giving users the ability to simply re-enroll a client would be super helpful. As this happens quite frequently I waste a lot of time in setting up sequences twice and in the end I get back to copying things manually. That's something that Hubspot should be doing.... Thanks!


It would be good if the status of this feature request was changed back to "in planning" as it is not available Emoticono feliz