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I'm looking to create a random split list off of my master list, like A/B or A/B/C so I can test things like send times. Right now the only way I can think to do this is to export the list, add a column with a value, re-import and then segment. Would be great if the system could allow you to split the list into how ever many sub-segments you want and have it random. 

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It would be good to be able to create groups based on the last numeral of the ContactID number. This would presumably be random and a good way to split lists. E.g. add to list where last numeral of ContactID is 0,1,2,3,4 would select 50% of the group.


Just tested this with my database. Hubspot seems to have disproportionately allocated the ContactID numbers in my account. IDs ending in 1 make up 22% of the total while each of the other numerals make up 9%.


This may be the brute force / naive way to do it but I created four Active lists based on first character of an email address.  The lists did not come out to 25% each but if I want to do a pure A/B test (50% each) then I can combine two of these lists to get about equal split:


  • A E I M Q U Y 3 7 ! % ( +
  • B F J N R V Z 4 8 @ ^ ) =
  • C G K O S W 1 5 9 # & - ?
  • D H L P T X 2 6 0 $ * _ ~


Also not sure if it makes a difference but I entered each letter twice -- once upper and then again as lowercase.


Honestly, this is a hack and HS should really support this out of the box.  But hey, there's a f*king global pandemic and widespread unemployment, life isn't too bad if my biggest problem today is hacking together an A/B list.


Yes!! Would also love this feature. Such a pain to export, randomize, and reimport. 


Again a simple yet vital functionality missing. It's amazing that HubSpot doesn't provide flexibility on such simple and essential things. How difficult can it be to enable such list splits for multivariate testing? In some cases, offering only A/B testing is just like a kindergarten level when the situation calls for a proper multivariate test.


Everyone seems to have different specific requirements, but the general solution would be as follows:


Allow us to split any contact list (the primary list) into multiple sub-lists, and assign a percentage or total number of contacts to each sub-list. Each sub-list would be automatically populated with a random sample of the primary list. You can also specify sub-list "groups" where the sub-lists in the group are guaranteed not to overlap at all (i.e. not to contain the same contact).



Primary List contains 100,000 contacts.

Example 1: I want to create four sub-lists, with 10%, 30% and 60% of the primary list.

Example 2: I want to create one sub-list with only 33% of the primary list (there should be no limitation that sub-lists add up to 100%, you can choose less if you want)

Example 3: I want to create five sub-lists with 150 contacts each.

Example 4: I want to create a sub-list with 3790 contacts, one with 15,333 contacts and one with 21,222 contacts (you get it--it should be flexible and not have silly, unnecessary restrictions)


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Upvoting on behalf of a customer. This is a great idea!


I could copy my comments from all the other ideas as always...


Essential, standard feature, all competitors have it...etc. etc....


I know HubSpot won't work on this anyway. But since this is the only way to voice our dissatisfaction, I'll guess i do it.