Raise the keyword limit.

Hubspot should really consider raising the keyword limit to stay competitive within the keyword tool sector of its comprehensive platform.


They told me they've NEVER had a customer ask about raising the limit until me. Yet, when you look at Moz or other popular tools on the market, which, yes, I understand many are stand-alone keyword tools, offer a much higher limit. 


They won't change it because, well, that's the way it's always been.

Well, the 7 most expensive words in business are, "We have always done things that way" - I hope you guys reconsider. Or, consider once.

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I agree with you here and have asked Hubspot if they're willing to increase at least the frequency they check the SERPs from Weekly to Daily. At the very least they should check mobile vs. desktop search results as it might give us a bit more to go on.

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You should reconsider your position on this, HubSpot. We are currently in the process of making our English language website available in an additional five languages on Hubspot. All the pages are ready to publish. The only thing delaying our ability to launch these pages is that we cannot translate our keywords into other languages because of HubSpot's arbitrary limit on the number of keywords we can have. So, despite having urls and metadescriptions in each language, we can't tie these to keywords in those languages. According to HubSpot's optimize panel, we have a 0% SEO score as a result.