RTL (right-to-left) & rich text functionality


RTL  language functionality will be a great addition and will allowed a vast variety of users to enjoy the great hubspot software

ArabicHebrewPersian, and Urdu are the most widespread RTL writing systems


usually it only require adding a sample code declaring that it will sport RTL


area in hubspot it is most need:

- CRM : when we write a note

- Email Template  


rich text functionality as another subject that seems to be missing



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I completely agree.


Is there any current solution to assist implimenting RTL capability in emails?



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It's ridiculous RTL is still not implemented in HubSpot. 

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Totally agree. Highly required. 

Is there any workaround which can be used to use RTL text in emails?


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Agree - we need this functionality asap. Our office in Dubai can't use Hubspot atm (along with everyone else) because it lacks the RTL capability

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 This is absolutely necessary for organizations dealing with clients in Arabic speaking regions.


Like any personalization and customization campaign it will automatically boost capabilities once we're able to use Arabic language in Email content.


Expecting this to be implemented soon.




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RTL support is critical, is is a show-stopper for organizations working with Arabic or Hebrew contents.
Does HubSpot have any plan and committment for this?

-- Shaul

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RTL support is almost impossible not to have nowadays.

Will we ever get an update about that?

at least give us the flexibility of applying CSS to Forms, Pop-ups and more.

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It is definitely a need for many Hubspot users.


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I agree

desperately need it

HubSpot Product Team

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing this up. We do currently have some support for RTL text editing currently, but we're definitely looking to make improvements. Currently in the CRM, when you switch your keyboard to an RTL language, the editor will automatically orient itself as RTL. Here's a recording of how that works.


The Marketing Email experience is a little less fleshed out, but there is a workaround you can use. If you navigate to the email tool, then select a rich text module to edit, you can align your text right, switch your keyboard to an RTL language, then start typing. The cursor movement is currently not reflective of where you're typing, but we're working on a bigger fix for that. In the meantime, here's a recording of the RTL functionality currently in Email.


Stay tuned for updates on this.



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HubSpot Product Team
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I need this as well!

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Aren't you going to attract peolpe to your product? what do you think I'll do when I find out your CHAT System does NOT support RTL? My customers can't type easily, It does NOT look good. Just try it

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when you will support RTL languages? it really makes me unprofessional when sending email from hubspot. FYI when text align to right dots appears at the right and when english word in text all text go crazy you cannot find where the email starts

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We need it ASAP too! 

It is really unprofessional to send hebrew mails aligned to the left.

Thank you.


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Any news regarding this issue? 

If we write emails in Hebrew, punctuation and bullets/ numbering appear on wrong side of text (see the file attached). It is very unprofessional to write letters/ emails like that - and it is a basic feature in Hubspot/ every CRM. 

Please update us if there is a solution for this issue.


hebrew language problem.pngThank you.

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I agree.

I am working with researchers in Israel. Most of my communication is in Hebrew (writing right to left).

The current version does not support Hebrew.

It will be great to be able to work also in  Hebrew.

Thank you in advance,


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HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, 


Another quick update regarding RTL support.


We now have support for RTL languages on rich text in the Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, and the Knowledge Base app in Service Hub. If you keyboard is set to an RTL language, we will detect it and switch the orientation of the cursor accordingly. 


We use a separate text editing service for the CRM, Sales Hub and Service Hub (excluding Knowledge Base) the unfortunately is tougher to implement RTL support with. That text editing service is managed by a third party, and we currently have an issue open with them to make RTL support available. I will continue to post here as we have updates. 

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Please take care of this ASAP. My Emails look awful. Why should HubSpot be different than everyone else (Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Zoho etc.) that fully support RTL???