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RSS feed from HubDB table

Wouldn't it be jolly to be able to generate an XML file from the data in a HubDB table?

My use case is that I use HubDB to power pages that have lists of similar things e.g. events, press articles, resource items, etc. and would like to surface those in Highspot which can connect to feed URLs to automate its own display of our latest content. 

I could see leveraging exisiting conditional style configs (e.g. workflows)... starting with "publish all rows" and then being able to filter rows by values in each column. Being able to override column names would probably come in handy too.

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This is a great suggestion. I'd like to create and filter a feed as well


@jcpux : Did you ever find a resolve or workaround for this? I'm just looking into this now as we too have a need for an RSS feed. It would be a handy way to disseminate content into other systems (, Web pages etc) without duplication of effort.