Currently i am not able to find Rest api for Users and Teams.These API's are very important for Integating to Active directory or Identityy and access management System. 

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 Very much urgently required for identifying and differentiating roles among various users. 

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This is critical when developing complex lead funnels from non hubspot, or non-hubspot-integratable platforms. For our purposes, an inbound lead needs to be assigned to an owner and that owner will be in a team. There will be many teams and each team must recieve only certain leads. For the API to be usefull it would have to have the following basic methods:


Get Team Members by Team ID

Get Team ID by User ID/Email

Get Contacts by Owner/User ID

Get Owner/User by Contact ID

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this would be incredibly useful for audit purproses. We need to be able to tell what users permissions are and if they have changed. Automating this through the API would make it much easier on our admins.

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We created an internal scheduling app where we need the HubSpot User ID to be included in the resource object. We would like to do this at the time the resource is added to the scheduling app by creating a HubSpot user via API, setting their Role and Team, and then passign the newly created HubSpot user internal ID back to the app so that it can be instantly associated with the resource object.


The other use case is that we are working on building an internal single point of entry for all new employee onboarding. Being able to create their HubSpot user accounts along with the other SaaS as part of this process would be awesome. 

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This would be a great resource as part of the Hubspot API as well.


For my use case, we would like to automate the adding users, updating permissions and removing users when new member join or leave our employ. 


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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We've encountered the same problem, but managed to get by using the contacts API.
Each of our users has their contact with a property recording their team, and then we use the list to get them as contacts, not as HubSpot owners.
It is not ideal, but it is working for us.

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<SOAPBAX>It seems fairly ridiculous to me that you have an API driven SaaS offering but can't control IAM through the API.  As a security professional in a SaaS (Really NetorkaaS) cloud native company, I have a lot of issues with SaaS companies not having an audit role, to see the users, you have to have admin rights, which of course includes write.  To not have a real users list with roles or permissions puts HubSpot at the bottom of the list.  While I'm complaining, why can only a Super Admin have an API key?  Most SaaS offerings allow users to create API credentials with the same level of permissions as the user.  In this case, I'm having to use a SuperAdmin API key, which just adds risk to the equation.</SOAPBAX>

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It would also be useful to have an API not only for listing, creating and deleting users, but also for checking and changing their permissions