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Quotes should have the option for recurring weekly payments with stripe

Currently the shortest recuring payment frequency is monthly. 


There are many businesses that process payments at weekly intervals. This would allow customers to pay via a weekly subscription. 


This would avoid the issues with having to use costly third party integrations and allow for greater flexibility. 



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We don't currently use Stripe, but we do quote and invoice on a weekly basis. I'm in the middle of trying to use the new quote customization beta tools to work around that disparity but it's looking like our sales team will end up having to manually do some math for every quote; obviously this introduces a lot of human error potential. A weekly billing option in the quote would be a lifesaver for us. 

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I cannot emphasize this enough. As a solutions partner, we serve clients in a specific industry that must include weekly billing. The simple fact that quotes do not include a weekly option for "Recurring billing frequency" is enough to prevent companies from using quotes, and sometimes even buying Sales Hub to begin with. 

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