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Quotes need "Add PDF" feature

The current quotes work amazing when it comes to emailing links. I like the feature a lot and it makes a ton of sense from a tracking perspective.


The one issue our Sales Team runs into is when the end user (customer) does not allow for such systems. We deal with the armed forces quite often and they ask for a PDF immediately. I know you can download it later but it would be nice to have a feature to automatically attach a PDF version to the initial email you send rather than a link.


When I click on generating an email after I am done with the quote, it inserts the hubs link (rather than the name of the quote, which is also a nuisance) but it would be nice to have an option that says something like: attach as PDF or attach as link (or both).


This would allow our Sales Team to send the email with tracking while also providing our customers a PDF copy right out the gate rather than having them to open and click "Download".

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I love this idea, and i require it as well


Agree, our sales team would use this as well. 


My sales team are banging the drum on this one too!  Would be a great feature... Print>Save As PDF looks horrible with our custom template, unfortunately.  Appreciate all the work you guys are doing to make the quoting tool rock - it has some great potential!

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Hi @Yazz @DBowers 

Once you create your quote, yon can go back to your 'Deal page' and next to your quote, you have 'Actions' with the option to download as a lovely PDF for customer who don't like tracked links.

I wish it helps! Please like my comment if i helped you in anyway.



We would need this as well. Doing it via 'Actions' on the deal page is fine, but the PDF format becomes 'brand-less' - the logo and colors disappear. Btw, the same can be done on the quote page, if you hover your mouse over the quote name, you will get the 'Actions' which have 'Download' as an option.


Totally agree with this. 


In an age where customers are becoming increasingly worried about clicking links in emails, not to mention firewall and AntiVirus rules thwapping the email in quarentine due to the link, us being able to add a quote as a PDF to an email, is an absolute must.


Like the others have mentioned above, yeah there are workarounds, but in a world of 'Automation' we need this as a feature.


Hi - Please advise if this feature is coming.  If not we will need to look at discontinuing hubspot quoting.  Our customers will not sign quotes that do not have all the information attached, as a PDF, not a link, and it not practical to use templates for these things.

It would also be nice to add a category for Quoting to provide feedback - it's not an option in the forum.


We produce qoutes in volume. For some services we just want to confirm the verbal agreement with qoute W/O signature (amount to low) just for tranparency and easy invoicing.


Wir merken, dass unser Neukunden diesen Link nicht kennen oder vertrauen. Ein Anhang als PDF ist eine zwingende Notwendigkeit.


We are lacking the same feature.. please put this into action. I see many Customers, asking for PDF documents, rather than clicking a link.


It's Mandatory to improve the quotes with this option and also add image associated with the contact or business. 


We need this as well, please add ASAP!