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Hubspot built an amazing tool that allows sales rep to send quote that customers can accept by eSignature. It works perfectly fine, but it's limited to 10 (Pro) or 30 (Enterprise) signatures / month / user!30 eSignatures is clearly not enough for us, but we can't even pay to unlock this limitation. The only way out is to use an external tool like Paycove or Pandadoc and pay 50$ / month / user just for a feature that is already there. This makes no sense.

When you build a perfect tool, please let us use it as much as we need. Even if it means we'll have to pay more, if I need unlimited use of this feature, I should be able to have it (or at least fare use 100 eSign / month).

Thank you

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Couldn't agree more! I am the main one who does quotes in the company and even with 30 e-signatures we would need more. It changes the customer experience if they then have to use another website or facility to sign the quote.

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Complained about this before, it is absolutely crazy that we can't:

i) pay Hubspot directly for more

ii) get more via a HelloSign subscription


To my mind this is another prime example of how Hubspot penalises those targeting the SMB market (in marketing pro we pay for contacts and not the number of marketing emails we send, despite the fact the CRM is free for unlimited contacts...). How they think 10 signatures a month is enough is beyond me...if your ACV is in the tens of thousands, sure...


And surely it is such a simple solution as well, and all the more needed in times of COVID. Crazy...


I need this feature, too. It looks like HubSpot might be thinking more about this now, but I'm wondering -- how have folks liked using Paycove? I'm also considering using it for some invoicing and product library features, such as tax by line item.

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Hi jules-deskeo,

Good question in the HubSpot Community. It is possible to increase your eSignature Limit via an add-on.

For $60 per month you get a shared pool of 100 extra signatures for your organization. See this link for more information. You can request this via HubSpot sales in the lower right corner of help.

I hope this is helpful! Have lots of pleasure and success using HubSpot Quotes!


Yea, I recently received their offer for that add-on after a couple of months of asking. Unfortunately, for that price, I am better off going with a third party integration. Paycove gives me unlimited signatures as well as tax by line item; it costs less each month; and Paycove is month-to-month whereas HubSpot's addon requires a commitment until the end of my contract.


I'll be putting in a little more work to learn it and get it up and running, but it solves multiple problems more flexibly and more affordably. I'm slightly disappointed in HubSpot's move on this one. 


Oh. I am not the only one! Anyone else feeling like they are getting nickel and dimed here. 


So you want us to spend $60 a month for an add on of 100 signatures that are pooled. 


Wait, you guys can pool things? Why is the 30 per user not already being pooled?  If I am paying an add on, why is it monthly and not just for 100 signatures? So if I don't use all 100 I have to pay again next month?  


Another example is the fact that I am the system admin and am required to have a sales enterprise seat, however, I am not a salesperson and don't use those functions. Again with the nickel and diming.  


In no world would does it make sense for us to pay you an addon recurring fee for signatures that are not used. 


Doubt this will change anything. But glad I am not the only one **bleep** about this. 



Was very happy to upgrade to Sales Pro but very disappointed to see the e-signature option limited to 10. For the amount paid, it should be unlimited and that was fully my expectation when I signed up. I would suggest this gets changed asap.