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Pricing or Quote templates would be excellent for reducing time and potential errors in creating quotes.


How this would work

When adding a quote:

  • Have the option to select from a Quote template
  • Quote text fields are populated from the template
  • All products including template pricing, descriptions, units, discounts, tax, etc are added to the Deal and quote



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Yes this would be phenomenal!  Adding each product every time we create a quote is very time consuming and leaves room for error.  As a construction company, our quotes would involve around 20 products per trade. For instance, a roof quote might include 20 items to build the roof.  


So being able to add a quote template for a roof order would automatically generate all 20 products included in that quote, then we simply adjust the quantities and unit price if needed.


Being able to combine multiple quote templates into a single "Master quote" would be pure gold.  So if we had a siding order, roofing order, and windows, it would be nice to have one quote for all (since its a single contract) rather than three approved quotes.  Building a quote by every line item would take a ton of time for multiple trades and our reps would need to recall every line item for different manufacturers.


Ideal Solution:

Step 1 - Build New Quote

Step 2 - Select Multiple Quote Templates, which would be divided into sections on Master Quote


This feature would allow us to get rid of our current Production CRM (not Hubspot) entirely! Right now we are using two CRMs because of the order building/estimating feature on our second CRM.  Its always been a dream to consolidate to one system!  


It would be nice to have a quotes template available for the standard product lines and the ability to go back to specific areas of the form directly instead of having to keep pushing the back button to reach the correct page that requires modification.


My Sales people would be thrilled if the quote included the propert terms and conditions for demos or sales based on which template they chose.


It would also help keep all of my sales people consistent in how the quotes look.


This would really help us to create quotes that utilise the company branding and styling far better than the current options. The current options are very limited for what we are trying to achieve.

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Hey folks - with the new beta for creating custom templates with the CMS, you can do this if you're willing to do some HubL coding. That said, we're also working on non-code options and we're exploring quote cloning, all of which would make this a bit easier.

Status updated to: In Beta
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This is a great idea. Unfortunately not a programmer so will have to wait until something is enabled on the front end.

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I don't know if I'm going to have to go here.


From the option to edit quotes, it has freed us to adapt the quote template to 100%, which is excellent! Many clients are designing their custom quote templates.


From the programming part we are being able to do a lot of things. But the clients if they are reporting several things that they would like to do, I tell you them to see when they could be implemented, among the ideas of all we can create the perfect quote section!


Cool things to include:

- To be able to clone a product in the interface of the line of products in quotation, many clients have the same products with different references. Currently the customer copies the SKU and goes to the library, repeats this 3 or 5 times per SKU, a customer who still has to repeat this 15 times with different products is slow. If you can create the cloning button in the quote view, the client will greatly accelerate the creation of the quotes.


- Product configurator, currently there is only 1 configurable product in which all the product properties are created. In our clients we find ten or hundreds of different configurables. Currently we have it solved when the client makes the custom quote with programming or we import the products by API. But the customer from the Hubspot quote manager, has no chance.


-Images, currently we always import products through API product, the API allows us to embed 1 product photo, a functionality that the client cannot do now from the quote manager. this would be great to add. We have already solved it so that customers can do it from the product library manager, but it is while hubspot finishes laying it down.


- Library folders, it is a shame that only folders with 1 level can be used. It would be great to be able to make folders with subfolders. This way, the current order that the client has in their ERP, Ecommerce or wherever else could be reproduced. Also it would be faster to search for the product if you don't know the SKU or the product name.



Anything if I can contribute something else or someone needs help on this, we will be happy to help them.


Are there any updates on the non-coded version of this? I would still be interested in that route, but would be better if the Admin could make changes without having involve a technical resource from another team.